FRI at a Glance

The Financial Research Institute (FRI) was established in 1988 within the Robert J. Trulaske, Sr. College of Business at the University of Missouri to promote education, research and service across various areas of finance. Today, the FRI, through its public utility division, provides a neutral environment for stakeholders in the regulated public utility industry to come together to examine, understand and debate current issues relating to public utility policy.

Annual Public Utility Symposium

The most visible FRI program is the Annual Symposium. This is a unique event in that the content and speakers are brought together with the cooperation of commissioners, industry and consumer advocates – resulting in a timely topic that is relevant and equally represented among public utility policy stakeholders. Approximately 200 utility executives, regulators and staff, and consumer advocates attend the Symposium which is held at University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri.

The Hot Topic Hotline Program

The Hot Topic Hotline (HTH) is a bi-monthly program for advisory board members and their staff to discuss relevant issues via a web conference. Each HTH is sponsored by an advisory board member. The HTH provides an opportunity for regulators, industry and consumer advocates to discuss and debate issues on a variety of topics in a neutral environment.

The FRI Crystal Award for Distinguished Contribution

The FRI Crystal Award for Distinguished Contribution recognizes an individual who has made recent outstanding and significant contributions to the design, implementation or analysis of public utility regulatory policy. It provides an opportunity to recognize excellence and achievement across regulated industries and further promotes the mission and purpose of the FRI – to serve as a neutral environment for the comprehensive examination of sound regulatory policy.

State Commission Board Representation

  • Arkansas – Commissioner Kimberly A. O’Guinn
  • California – Commissioner Clifford Rechtschaffen
  • Connecticut – Vice Chairman John W. “Jack” Betkoski III
  • Florida – Commissioner Julie I. Brown
  • Georgia – Commissioner Tricia Pridemore
  • Illinois – Commissioner Sadzi Oliva
  • Idaho – Commissioner Paul Kjellander
  • Indiana – Commissioner Sarah Freeman
  • Iowa – Commissioner Richard Lozier, Jr.
  • Kansas – Commissioner Shari Feist Albrecht
  • Kentucky – Commissioner Talina R. Mathews, PhD
  • Mississippi – Chairman Brandon Presley
  • Missouri – Commissioner Daniel Hall
  • Montana – Chairman Brad Johnson
  • New Jersey – Commissioner Mary-Anna Holden ~ FRI Advisory Board Vice Chair
  • Ohio – Vice Chair M. Beth Trombold
  • Oklahoma – Commissioner Dana L. Murphy
  • South Carolina – Commissioner John “Butch” Howard

Advisory Board

The FRI Advisory Board was established in 1988 as an essential component of the FRI. The advisory board includes regulators, industry executives, and consumer representatives, and operates under the leadership of Dr. John Howe. The board provides financial assistance, offers professional advice and identifies the FRI’s strategic direction.

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